One Click Damage Blender Addon Review

One Click Damage or OCD for short is a Blender add-on that lets you add procedural damage to the edges of your model. If you’ve ever modeled a larger environment you know how time-consuming it can be to add wear and tear to dozens of models by hand. For some of my projects, I decided to add damage in Photoshop because it was too time-consuming in Blender.

You can buy it on BlenderMarket for just $14.

I can also recommend combing OCD with the newest plugin from the same creator, Cracker. Make sure to read my review of the Cracker plugin.

How does One Click Damage for Blender work?

Much like the name suggests, this Blender addon adds damage to your edges by clicking a single button. You’re able to change the scale of the damage and the amount, there’s also an option to change the noise type (it’s entirely based on noise textures). The best part of the plugin in my opinion is that you have a “recall” feature that lets you remove the damage altogether. In other words, this is a procedural workflow that saves tons of time but still looks really good.

Separate materials

Another neat feature of One Click Damage is that all damaged parts will get a new material applied to them. This was another thing I struggled with when sculpting damage by hand, the sculpt could look really good but how was I supposed to assign a material and blend it with the non-damaged parts? This is not an issue anymore.

Procedural damage control

Since this plugin is using a procedural approach it means we can change the look of the damage in various ways. In fact, the author says there are hundreds of variations you could do for damage and they’re all non-repeating, meaning you will not see any obvious repeating patterns, even if your model is large. With the controls, you can easily change between a more realistic look to a stylized cartoon look.

Nice looking damage in a matter of seconds.

Minimal UI

I don’t know about you, but I really dislike it when a good plugin has a terrible UI. Menus that are hidden, workflows that require you to go A > B > F > C > D instead A > B. Luckily OCD has a minimal UI with just 3 settings you can change. And no, it doesn’t really limit your ability to do anything, you can add wear to only selected parts, to several objects at once, and more.

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