Procedural Cobblestone Material in Blender

While there are plenty of cobblestone PBR textures online to download for free, it’s way more fun (and rewarding) to create a material yourself. In this article we’ll cover several ways of creating a procedural cobblestone in Blender from scratch. No need to download any textures!

The most simple cobblestone material

There’s actually an easy way of creating cobblestone without having to use several math nodes. You might have guessed it, it’s the Brick Node. It’s located under Add > Texture > Brick Texture. The Brick node has several handy features that lets you control the pattern, size and color of the bricks. Down below is an example of how you can use two duplicated nodes, one to control the color and how to control the displacement.

Blender node graph showing how the Brick Texture Node works

By using one node for the displacement you can get a nice variety in the displacement, meaning some of the brick (or stones) will be displaced more. The second node controls the color variation, you could of course use something entirely different, like a noise node, but this way you each brick will have a distinct color.

Unfortunately you cannot control the shape nor the placement of the bricks, so if you want that kind of control you should keep scrolling.

The more advanced way

While the title suggest that this cobblestone material is stylized, you can easily make it more realistic by tweaking some of the math nodes or applying your own normal map. It doesn’t require too many nodes and the tutorial is only 3 minutes long, comparing to the other ones out there that are at least 15 minutes long.

The most in depth cobblestone material

If the tutorial above is not enough for you, we have this highly detalied 23 minute tutorial by Sam Bowman. It covers how to create the displacement, randomizing the size and pattern, tiling, adding imperfections, grout and much more. It’s a lot to take in, so if you’re a beginner be warned!

Check out our own material library

Too lazy to create your own procedural cobblestone material and don’t want to use image textures? Don’t worry, we have our own texture library which CC0 materials you can use. And yes, there’s cobblestone in there too.