Digital Art Hub was created for digital artists by digital artists. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of digital art or if you’re a seasoned veteran, our website will most likely teach you something new.

I, the creator of the website, am called Mike and I have been doing digital art since the early 2000s. Started out doing “art” on Paint back when Windows 98 was still a thing, since then I have tried several different forms of art including video, photography, 3D and music. I have worked professionally with photo and video, mainly doing freelance work for big companies, but since a few years I’m in a different line of work and I mainly do digital art for fun now.

The website covers mainly three topics:

  • All aspects 3D work, such as modelling, rendering, animation & texturing
  • All aspects of 2D work, such as illustration, graphic design and photo editing
  • All aspects of video editing, such as animation & special effects (VFX)

But seeing as I want to expand this website into something bigger that covers more areas, I am looking for writers that have a passion for audio editing and programming. Don’t be afraid to hit me up if you’re interested!