Aquatiq Water Addon Blender Review

The creators of the highly popular add-on called Botaniq are now back with another french sounding plugin, Aquatiq. So what is it exactly? It’s an asset library of animated water planes with their own custom material. They’re perfect for creating fountains, birdbaths, and other similar water materials. If you’re into the architectural types of projects in Blender, the Aquatiq plugin will help you take your water to the next level.

What’s included?

The full addon costs $29 and will give you all assets and feature updates. In total there are 17 fountain assets, 12 modular assets, 18 water effects, 7 water materials, and 1 showcase scene.

The 3D assets

The 3D assets that come along with Aquatic are models of fountains, birdbaths, and some modern-looking waterfalls. They will work great for urban city landscapes and scenes, but I wouldn’t say they’re suitable for nature or organic scenes.

One of the included 3D assets.

Animated 2D planes

Let’s take a look at the 2D water planes. The planes include “sprays”, waterfalls, and just normal water planes with animated caustics (because real caustics are too advanced and resource-intensive for most of us). Since they’re already animated they’re pretty cheap in terms of using your hardware, which is something I really like. All of the planes are 30 frames long and will loop seamlessly.

The 18 different 2D water planes.

Water materials

The most exciting assets (at least for me) are the included water materials, they’re originally a part of Botaniqs Waterial plugin, so if you’re just interested in the materials you can save $10 by purchasing Waterial instead. With the materials, you can create pools, lakes, ponds, oceans, and fountains. There’s a material called “Shoreline” which imitates the look of breaking waves at the shoreline with white foam. While it looks pretty good in still renders, I wouldn’t say the animation is too realistic, so if you want to get a realistic shoreline in animated renders, I suggest going another path (preferably simulations).

The animated shoreline material I described above.

Some nice features

There’s also a masking tool included that lets you paint an alpha mask over the animated planes. This lets you blend the water better into your scene. Instead of having a hard and sharp edge around the plane, you can soften it with a brush of your choice. All textures are also 100% seamless which means you repeat them infinitely.

You also get a ready-made beach scene that utilizes the above assets and showcases what you can achieve with the Aquatic plugin.

Conclusion regarding the Aquatic Water Blender addon

If you are creating urban city landscapes, cool futuristic architecture, or anything that includes urban scenes, Aquatic will help you raise the level of your renders to another level. With cheap and hardware-friendly solutions for water, it’s easy to add realistic-looking water to several areas in a scene. It’s also a nice touch to get some included 3D assets like fountains to spice up the scene even more. I think $29 is a fair price for everything that is included, maybe it’s even a bit cheap. And as I said earlier, if you’re just out for realistic water materials, save yourself some money and check out their other plugin called Waterial.

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