Gobos Light Textures for Blender review

Before we even begin talking about the add-on called Gobos Light Textures, let me explain what “Gobos” actually are. Imagine you take a strong spotlight and put some kind of cut out shape in front of it (like the old batman movies), that’s basically what gobos are. The cut out serves as a sort of mask for the light. This can be used to create interesting lighting patterns in your scenes, it’s a neat little trick to add even more photorealism to your renders without spending too much extra time.

About Gobos Light Textures for Blender

For $29 you will get a total of 149 different textures that can be used to create interesting lightning patterns. These can be imported into the Blender asset manager so you always hand them on hand. There’s only one type of version to buy and it includes a royalty free license meaning you can use it for personal, educational or even commercial projects without any extra cost.

There are 14 different categories for the gobos and you’ll find both animated and still textures in these categories. They have been tested with the latest version of Blender. In the categories you’ll find:

  • Windows
  • Geometric shapes
  • Abstract shapes
  • Leaves
  • Smoke
  • Caustics
  • And much more

I love the fact I can use this for water caustics, if you have worked with water before you probably know how tedious and expensive caustics can be. There has also recently been a new category added which is animated and colored textures, perfect for product renders. The creator seems to be regularly updating the addon so I’m sure that within the near future we’ll see some more interesting categories.

Who’s Gobos for?

To some of you, it probably sounds pretty underwhelming, a texture in front of a light source? Just how much realism can it really produce? I was skeptical as well, but when I watched the trailer I quickly realized why this is a must have for someone like me who loves photorealism. I’ll let the video speak for itself. 

What I also like about this approach to lightning is that it is much cheaper compared to simulating the light inside of Blender. Let’s say you’re making a video off a close up of a grassy road in the forest during a sunny day. One approach would be to model the trees with leaves and then you would have to simulate them blowing in the wind. Not the hardest of tasks, but it will take a while for sure. Now imagine you got Gobos, you just import one of the animated leaf textures, put a light behind it and you’re done.

Since we’re blocking light with these textures, we can also use them for volumetrics. Meaning we can create nice looking sun rays in a matter of seconds. The principle is the same, import the texture, add a light, but this time also add some volumetrics into the mix. 

Gobos Light Textures for Blender


To be honest, I don’t really have anything bad to say about Gobos Light Textures for Blender. It’s a solid product and is being constantly updated with new assets. It’s royalty free from the get go so no need to buy addtional licenses if you’re doing commercial work. It has a 5 star rating on Blender Market as well.

If you’re not yet convinced that this should be added to your library of Blender assets, I recommend checking the official page for it: https://blendermarket.com/products/gobos/

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