Blender X-Muscle System Review

Are you into making humans and other creatures that have muscles? Then I can really recommend checking out this Blender Addon called X-Muscle System. It’s an advanced “muscle simulator” made entirely for Blender. It costs $35 (okay, $34.97 to be exact) for the standard version and $55 for the “XL” edition.

You can check out the addon page, read the reviews, and more at BlenderMarket.

How does it X-Muscle System work?

The sole purpose of the X-Muscle System for Blender is to help you speed up your workflow when it comes to animating organic creatures. This add-on lets you visualize the deformation that happens when a muscle is being flexed or relaxed. For example, if an arm is being animated, the tricep and bicep work in tandem, where one is always relaxed while the other one is flexed. By using this plugin you will automatically have this working, so all you need to do is focus on making the animation look as good as possible.

It works straight away when you install it. To help you learn the addon better there are 6 included skeletons with muscles included, they’re rigged too. You get a human male and female skeleton, a horse, a cat, a dog, and a dinosaur. Note that these are only included in the XL version of the addon. Another feature I really enjoy is the fact that the author gives you lifetime support and updates, and he’s really responsive too.

What do other users say?

Almost 80% of the buyers of X-Muscle System have given a 5-start review, which is a telltale sign that this is a high-quality plugin for Blender. Not only are they happy with the addon itself, but a lot of them really like the support the author provides.

There’s a little downside however and that’s the lack of documentation and tutorials available on how to use it. While there are tutorials, they are from 2019, and both Blender and the Plugin have been updated extensively since then. You can read more reviews on their product page.

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