How to write blog posts faster

If you’re reading this you are probably growing tired of not being able to churn out top-notch content for your blog in a timely manner. I understand you 100%, I am like that myself. I got tons of ideas but lack the skills to actually write them all down. And with SEO competition increasing each month, it’s not like the length of blog posts will get any shorter. Luckily your life as a content writer will become much easier from now on, let me introduce you to a tool called Jasper.

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What’s Jasper?

Jasper, is that a freelance writer or something? Well, you could almost say that. It’s actually an AI that excels in writing blog posts. Jasper has over 50 000 active customers, including companies like AirBNB, Google, and Logitech. In 2019, Jasper read more than 10% of the whole internet, that’s a lot of words and content to digest. Thanks to Jasper’s amazingly fast reading skills, he has studied hundreds of thousands of blog posts and thanks to that he can now produce top-notch blog posts in a matter of seconds. You probably have a few questions right now, so let’s get them answered.

And yes, Jasper offers a completely free 5-day trial so you can test it out before you sign up.

Why I like using Jasper:

  • Original SEO content that ranks high on Google
  • Lets me produce high-quality content daily
  • Works with over 25 different languages (yes it translates between them too)
  • Being able to set the tone and writing style
  • They offer free courses for writers, agencies & SEO
  • Templates for YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon & more

Having an AI write for you

I know, I know. Having an AI write your blog posts for you sounds like cheating, and quite frankly, it is cheating. But you’re here because you want to create blog posts faster, so why not utilize one of the best tools out there?

The way Jasper works is that you give him some information about a certain subject, a few lines explaining what you want to be written. You can also set the tone of the writing, should it sound like someone professional wrote it, or do you want a more family-friendly tone? After that Jasper will start producing your blog post. You can choose from a multitude of available templates, so if you’re writing blog posts, there’s a template for just that.

Jasper in action.

With Jasper, you can have several unique, well-written, lengthy, blog posts ready in a matter of minutes.

Who is Jasper for?

If you’re tired of spending hours writing blog posts and trying to find new ideas, you are a prime candidate for Jaspers services. Jasper excels at writing about most topics and in most cases, you can use the articles he produces without having to go in and edit them yourself. Jasper has saved me so much time over the past years, it’s scary to think how much time I would’ve spent otherwise.

So who should use Jasper?

  • Companies that want to create blog content
  • Bloggers wanting to create original content that ranks on Google
  • Writers that want to break free of a writer’s block

I might seem overly positive about Jasper, but there’s a reason they’re above 4.5 stars on all review sites. It’s just that good.

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